Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Anonymous said...

Hello hello hello Mate...

Sean Hayden said...

Hello anonymous, who are you!

Alina Chau said...

Amazing airship series!! I still remember you started the first painting after reading the book!! Now you got a whole series of them!! Great works!!

Anonymous said...

Hello hello hello, Maate
you must go to
and download blueprints for the command gondola and somesuch...
by the way the word verification is tspyn, which is almost teaspoon but not quite.

Graf Friedrich von Zeppelin

sorry, I meant:
Ze Vord werification is tspyn, vitsch is ollmost teaspoon but not kwite...

Matt J said...

Grand lad, champion as always. Still working on my dirigible - docking soon . . .

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant:
Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin
Hau kudd Ai vorgett mai ohn Nehm...

FelixSputnik said...

Great whale of the sky
I'm wondering why
do you not now fly?
Is it because thy
drogen was to blame,
for so large a flame
that blew you assunder,
I wonder.

Great phallus of gas
low weight but high mass
keep thrusting about
make love to a cloud
No fire of lust
competes with thy thrust
I must
I envy you
a bit.

If I live to be gray,
I still never may
experience or ponder
silver sex in blue yonder
'cause you burst
in Lakehurst


Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin,
Poet, Tragedian and Twit.

Sean Hayden said...

Count Ferdinand! tis an honour to have one visit the site, and from the grave... Grand! However I don’t think sputnikdodomann will be happy about you hijacking his blog! Shame on you. The poem is wunderbar ! nachgeben !